Filmed in Ether started out as a playful idea and was something I toyed around with for a long time. There was never an urge to create it right away which meant that that I could instead provide whatever ability I had as a writer/critic of films to other online outlets. I’ve been fortunate enough to write for some pretty amazing places – and I hope to continue writing for several more amazing places in the future – but I always felt that more written discussions on Asian films could be produced, at least within Australia.


This site was born partly out of a need to inform the Australian public of Asian cinema in the country as well as to provide Asian film enthusiasts, particularly those based in Australia, a platform to share their appreciation and interest in Asian film culture. And there is plenty of it to go around!


That’s not to discredit the work of sites like Heroic Cinema, of course, who have primarily been the voice of Asian cinema in Australia for a very long time now. And kudos to them for having done a great job of advocating Asian films! But there’s always room for more which is why I’d like to throw this site into the arena too!


And I’m not doing this alone! Filmed in Ether has fortunately attracted a pretty amazing bunch of contributing writers, each of whom will no doubt add their own unique commentary on Asian films new and old.


In time, I hope visitors enjoy the different voices featured on Filmed in Ether and appreciate the exciting cinema that has emerged from some of Australia’s neighbouring Asian countries.