Hieu Chau – Founder/Editor 

Hieu Chau is a writer and film programmer whose passion for film was firmly cemented after seeing South Korean revenge thriller Oldboy for the first time. His love of Asian cinema is rivaled by his love for Star Wars and pro-wrestling. His writing work has been featured in Kill Screen, Modern Korean Cinema and Meld Magazine. He has previously assisted the Melbourne International Film Festival as a Short Film Panelist and programmed for Environmental Film Festival Australia.

Twitter: @electrichieu


Hayley Inch – Contributing Writer

Hayley Inch is a writer, film programmer and general movie busybody. She’s written for Broadsheet, Melbourne International Film Festival and The Toast and has yelled about movies on the airwaves for the ABC and RRR. If you stand still long enough, she’ll tell you all about Hong Sang-soo.

Twitter: @hayley_sass


Natalie Ng – Contributing Writer

Originally from Singapore, Natalie is a Communication Design graduate from Monash University. The movie that changed the way she looked at films was Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! when she was 10 years old. She enjoys postmodern art, British television shows, nail polish, horror movies and Wong Kar-wai a lot. She has no filter and can be found rambling on Twitter most of the time.

Twitter: @wednesdaydreams


Brooke Heinz – Contributing Writer

Raised on Spirited Away and Pokemon as a child, Brooke’s continuing interest in Asian media is hardly surprising. Discovering the works of Park Chan-wook as a teenager, Brooke has since expanded her cinematic interests across several genres and countries and hopes to continue doing so through writing. Her claim to fame is speaking a word of Korean to director Bong Joon-ho.

Twitter: @Brooke_ssi


Matthew Rooke – Contributing Writer

A filmmaker, documentarian, educator and writer, Matt is based in Melbourne but his heart is in Korea. He also has an interest in the Philippines and is a lover of cinema, especially when leaning left of field but will unashamedly accept all audio visual if it presents with an honest heart and an adventurous soul.

Twitter: @mavoy


Aidan Djabarov – Contributing Writer

Aidan Djabarov is a Toronto-based writer passionate about South Korean revenge thrillers, Japanese slice-of-life dramas, and those rare Chinese LGBT films. Her claim to absolutely-no-fame-whatsoever is once watching 500 films in a single year. When she’s not writing about or watching movies, she works at a PR and Marketing agency.


Nathan Nicolau – Contributing Writer

Nathan is a recent graduate from the UNCSA School of Filmmaking where he studied Screenwriting and Cinema Studies. His favorite subjects include Ozu, the Japanese New Wave, and animation. His other passions include jazz music and JRPGs. He also writes for the music site Rokku Panku. He collects too many vinyls and Criterion movies.

Twitter: @nj_nicolau


Levin Tan – Contributing Writer

Born and raised in Singapore, Levin has a thing for writing. They are passionate about film distribution (and acquisitions) as a possible pathway to making global cinema more accessible. A personal dream of theirs is to have Taiwanese filmmaker Zero Chou cast them in one of her films, though acting currently sits outside of their skillset.



Timothy Amatulli – Contributing Writer

Timothy Amatulli is a New Jersey-based filmmaker and a recent graduate of Fairfield University, where he earned degrees in Film and Asian Studies. Growing up between the United States and Japan, Asian culture has had a profound influence on his life, interests, and art. When not writing/directing/editing his own projects, Tim can be found updating his Letterboxd, making late night trips to his local diner, and spending far too much time on Wookieepedia to prolong his lifelong addiction to Star Wars.



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