It’s no secret that we love Sion Sono here at Filmed in Ether which is why we would like to share the love by giving away three copies of Sion Sono’s audacious love letter to filmmaking, Why Don’t You Play In Hell?, thanks to its distributor Madman Entertainment.


Why Don’t You Play In Hell? is a hilariously mad-cap feature and, for those new to Sono’s films, might even be considered the best entry point into the filmmaker’s extensive filmography. The film sees down-and-out renegade film crew, The Fuck Bombers, stumble into an ongoing yakuza war. Chomping at the bit to create something they would be proud of, the crew is given the task of filming the frenzied chaos of an upocoming gang battle and are tasked with making one of the yakuza boss’ daughter the star of that film.




Sono himself has described his violently gleeful film as “an action film about the love of 35mm” and it certainly rings true as this oddly charming feature oozes with an appreciation for filmmaking, genre movies and is a fine example of the extremities that make modern Japanese cinema so unique.


For a chance to win one of three copies of Why Don’t You Play In Hell? enter the Rafflecopter competition below! Winners will be selected randomly. The competition will end on March 2.


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