Kicking off next week is the Melbourne Cinematheque’s Songs of Colour and Light: Chinese Cinema’s Fifth Generation, a season dedicated to some of the most influential names to have emerged from China during the ‘80s and early ‘90s.


These filmmakers, the first to have graduated from the famous Beijing Film Academy after the Cultural Revolution, helped to bring Chinese film to the forefront of world cinema and brought stories that had to have been explored, particularly within a Chinese context.


Though revered by many, some of these films were contested by local censors who oftentimes didn’t take too kindly the ways in which some of these filmmakers had portrayed China to the outside world.


To honour these filmmakers and their triumphant visions, the Melbourne Cinematheque have chosen the following films to be screened as part of this season.


  • Yellow Earth (dir. Chen Kaige, 1984)
  • Ju Dou (dir. Zhang Yimou, 1990)
  • The Horse Thief (dir. Tian Zhuanghuang, 1986)
  • The Old Well (dir. Wu Tiangming, 1987)
  • Swan Song (dir. Zhang Zeming, 1986)
  • Blush (dir. Li Shaohong, 1995)


Thanks to the Melbourne Cinematheque, Filmed in Ether has a double pass to giveaway to the opening night of this season! The winner of the double pass will be able to attend screenings of both Yellow Earth and Ju Dou on the evening of May 27.


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Songs of Colour and Light: Chinese Cinema’s Fifth Generation will take place at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image on Wednesday, May 27 with subsequent screenings for the next two Wednesdays. For more information, visit Melbourne Cinematheque’s website.


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