Hieu Chau – Founder/Editor 

Hieu Chau is a writer whose passion for film was firmly cemented after seeing Korean revenge thriller Oldboy for the first time. His love of Asian cinema is rivaled by his love for Star Wars and pro-wrestling. His writing work has been featured in Japan Cinema, Modern Korean Cinema, Meld Magazine, The Australia Times and other publications.

Twitter: @HieuChau


Hayley Inch – Contributing Writer

Hayley Inch is a writer, film programmer and general movie busybody. She’s written for Broadsheet, The Toast, No Award and babbles on her own film blog Herzog’s Chicken. If you stand still long enough, she’ll tell you all about Hong Sang-soo.

Twitter: @hayley_sass


Natalie Ng – Contributing Writer

Originally from Singapore, Natalie is a Communication Design graduate from Monash University. The movie that changed the way she looked at films was Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge! when she was 10 years old. She enjoys postmodern art, British television shows, nail polish, horror movies and Wong Kar-wai a lot. She has no filter and can be found rambling on Twitter most of the time.

Twitter: @wednesdaydreams


Brooke Heinz – Contributing Writer

Brooke is a journalism student who hopes to one day let her writing take her around the world. Her love of Park Chan-Wook films often annoys her friends. When she’s not studying, Brooke wastes her time marathoning shows on Netflix and purchasing too many indie video games on Steam.

Twitter: @Brooke_ssi


Theodora Vatubua – Contributing Writer

A lady in her 20s with a mild obsessive interest in television shows/films and music. 90% of this obsession is filled with K-Dramas/films and K-pop while the other 10% of her obsession are music, shows/films that aren’t Korean. In her spare time, Theodora loves to dabble in writing, video editing and Photoshopping.

Twitter: @naleysocute23


Matthew Rooke – Contributing Writer

A filmmaker, documentarian, educator and writer, Matt is based in Melbourne but his heart is in Korea. He also has an interest in the Philippines and is a lover of cinema, especially when leaning left of field but will unashamedly accept all audio visual if it presents with an honest heart and an adventurous soul.

Twitter: @mavoy

Aidan Djabarov – Contributing Writer

Aidan Djabarov is a Toronto-based writer passionate about South Korean revenge thrillers, Japanese slice-of-life dramas, and those rare Chinese LGBT films. Her claim to absolutely-no-fame-whatsoever is once watching 500 films in a single year. When she’s not writing about or watching movies, she works at a PR and Marketing agency.

Instagram: @japanesecinema

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