Interview: Indonesian filmmaker Kamila Andini on ‘Following Diana’

29 Nov , 2016  

Hieu Chau speaks with Indonesian writer-director Kamila Andini about Indonesian filmmaking, feminism and her outstanding short film, Following Diana.


Feature: Why Indonesia’s ‘The Look of Silence’ deserves Oscar glory

24 Feb , 2016  

Could The Look of Silence earn Indonesia its first Oscar? We take a look at what makes Joshua Oppenheimer’s documentary great and why it deserves to win.


SFF 2015 Review: The Look of Silence

11 Jun , 2015  

Following The Act of Killing’s success, Joshua Oppenheimer returns to Indonesia for The Look of Silence and talks to the victims of those mass murders.


Review: The Act of Killing

29 May , 2015  

Critically acclaimed documentary The Act of Killing follows an Indonesian death squad’s re-enactment of the mass murders that took place from 1965 to 1966.


IFF 2015 Review: Siti

21 Apr , 2015  

Shot in stylish black and white, Siti is the story of a young woman’s struggle to take care of her family. Screened at Indonesian Film Festival 2015.


News: Indonesian Film Festival 2015 Lineup Announced

21 Mar , 2015  

Celebrating its tenth year as a festival, the Indonesian Film Festival brings ten of its brightest films of the past year.


Review: Killers

24 Dec , 2014  

Japanese/Indonesian co-production, Killers, is a violent and dark feature that explores the world of serial killing and murder.