Review: The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

21 Jan , 2015  

Based on a 10th century Japanese fable, The Tale of the Princess Kaguya is one of Studio Ghibli’s final films and is a ravishingly artistic marvel.


Review: Kamikaze Girls

14 Jan , 2015  

Tetsuya Nakashima’s 2004 film, Kamikaze Girls, is a hilarious and affecting story of two girls, their friendship and their fight against the world.


Review: Hentai Kamen

9 Jan , 2015  

Japanese superhero comedy, Hentai Kamen, sees a young teenager fight crime by becoming a masked hero who wears women’s panties over his face. Intrigued?


Review: The Wind Rises

8 Jan , 2015  

Jiro dreams of flying in Hayao Miyazaki’s final film, The Wind Rises, a Studio Ghibli-produced biopic about the man who designed Japan’s kamikaze fighters.


Review: The Suspect

2 Jan , 2015  

The Suspect is another in a line of recent Korean action-espionage films to tackle the divide between North and South Korea. Is it as good as the others?


Review: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

30 Dec , 2014  

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness is a documentary that charts the creative process behind Studio Ghibli’s masters, Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.


Review: Killers

24 Dec , 2014  

Japanese/Indonesian co-production, Killers, is a violent and dark feature that explores the world of serial killing and murder.


Review: Back in Time

22 Dec , 2014  

Chinese box office hit, Back in Time (or Fleet of Time) is a nostalgic romance about two students that plays out like an Asian drama series.


Review: Moonlight Whispers

18 Dec , 2014  

Japanese director Akihiko Shiota’s debut feature film, Moonlight Whispers, is the story of two teenagers’ sadomasochistic sexual awakening.


Review: Thuy

16 Dec , 2014  

Thuy, the debut mystery-drama from filmmaker Kim Jae-han, takes aim at mail-order brides living in South Korea and the hostility they face from locals.


JFF 2014 Review: Tokyo Tribe

11 Dec , 2014  

Tokyo Tribe, the new film from maverick Japanese director Sion Sono, is a beautifully garish action rap musical and an unforgettable viewing experience.


Review: A Wedding Invitation

9 Dec , 2014  

Can a South Korean perspective on romantic comedies help Chinese romantic comedy, A Wedding Invitation, escape its genre trappings? We find out.