Review: Tokyo Vampire Hotel

22 Nov , 2017  

Sion Sono turns his nine-part vampire mini-series Tokyo Vampire Hotel for Amazon into a feature-length film, resulting in a messy experience.


All About Coming-of-Age: The films of Yu Aoi

19 Nov , 2017  

Popular Japanese actress Yu Aoi has embodied the coming-of-age film for years. We look back at her best performances on screen and preview her new film.


Review: Tokyo Idols

10 Nov , 2017  

Kyoko Miyake’s award-winning documentary, Tokyo Idols, offers unique insight into Japan’s pop idol culture and critiques its many problems.


Reel Asian 2017 Review: Women of the Weeping River

7 Nov , 2017  

Sheron Dayoc’s Women of the Weeping River is a portrait of two families caught in a cycle of violence and revenge, captured in documentary-like realism.


Reel Asian 2017 Review: Bad Genius

1 Nov , 2017  

The high-octaine thrills of a heist caper mixed into a high school setting results in one of the most fun films of the year. This is Thailand’s Bad Genius.


KOFFIA 2017 Review: Jane

27 Oct , 2017  

Koo Gyo-hwan shines as transgendered Jane, a woman whose connection to young runaway So-hyun serves as the basis for this Korean drama.


Review: Claire’s Camera

10 Oct , 2017  

Kim Min-hee and Isabelle Huppert team up for Hong Sang-soo’s Claire’s Camera, a film that once more ruminates on familiar themes from the Korean auteur.


Breaking the Curse: How Japan gets video game films right

7 Oct , 2017  

Video game films are cursed in the West but it’s a different story in Japan. How does Japan get it right and what makes these adaptations ‘good’?


KOFFIA 2017 Review: A Single Rider

2 Oct , 2017  

Lee Byung-hun stars in A Single Rider, a drama about a disgraced Korean financier who travels to Australia in search of his estranged family.


A Hell of a Guy: The mischievous legacy of Seijun Suzuki

22 Sep , 2017  

We pay tribute to the late Seijun Suzuki, whose brand of filmmaking has influenced countless others. Filmed in Ether is a proud media partner of JFF 2017.


TIFF 2017 Review: The Poet and the Boy

21 Sep , 2017  

Director Kim Yang-hee’s debut film, The Poet and the Boy, is a cautionary tale to creatives who complicate their lives and others, in the name of their art.


Sexism, Seifuku & Sisterhood: A closer look at Tokyo Idols and Japanese Girls Never Die

20 Sep , 2017  

We look at MIFF 2017 films Tokyo Idols and Japanese Girls Never Die and examine how they explore sexism in modern-day Japan through its pop culture.